Sunday, January 02, 2005


Sending seasons greeting cards to each other is a great practice and help people keep in touch. However the tons of greeting cards can create environmental problems. What do most people do after the season is over? The bulk of it will end up in the waste bins, and eventually in the dump sites. At the dump sites , the ink from the cards may even eventually contaminate the ground water. Recycle? That is a better option, but has its problem too. The process require lots of energy, chemicals and water. The ink ends up in the waste water. What are our alternatives. One can send electronic cards instead.

E-cards. No trees chopped down, no paper to dispose of, no water pollution.......

care2 eCards


Blue Mountain


123 Greetings


Fun e-cards

25,000 free greetings


rims said...

Agreed. Just about anything can be used to generate those greetings. Calender pages..cartons..."old" cards...anything. Just add YOUR touch

Anonymous said...

The idea of ecards as an alternative to paper cards is a very good idea. I am surprised, though, that of all the ecard choices you listed, you left out the most (imho) environmentally aware of them all.

Which, you ask? Care2, that's who!

Peter said...

You mean this one?

Nice. Thanks for the info

Anna-Marie said...

That's a neat idea, reusable cards.

Have you looked at this site?

They make environmentally friendly cards using recycled bits and pieces, and tree-free paper. Pretty cool stuff :)

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There are so many people send greeting cards to their's lovers, friends and relatives.