Saturday, March 12, 2005

Envirocard 2

There are more to Envirocard than just e Card. There is also reusable cards.

How does one make reusable cards? Well, that is not so difficult. What some does is to print the greetings on an insert, and the insert is, of course, inserted into the inside of the reusable greeting card. For example: United States Patent 4,439,941 by
Halperin: Card with removable and reusable insert

Or this one by Jeffrey Chee
This one is also patented: US6099928: Multipurpose transparency mat cards

Will like to do a survey on the emotional response of a receipient of a secondhand, a thirdhand, a fourthhand, .....multihand card. Does the word multihand exist?

A google search using the search terms secondhand, thirdhand, etc yielded the following:



Unfortunately, search term multihand yielded "No definitions were found for multihand."